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A la Carte 

Le Petit Tonneau offers a new formula a la carte TAPAS menu
for you to taste a large variety of dishes prepared by the Chef Philippe Batton.
For food lovers who want to enjoy larger dishes
we can double the size of Tapas according to your wish.

Cold Starters
Tapas Large
Today's fresh fish carpaccio with parmesan cheese  1,350 2,700
Assorted delicatessen platter “Petit Tonneau”    1,380 2,760
Roasted goat cheese salad  1,250 2,500
Tuna and scallops tartar with Japanese dressing 2 pieces 1,100 3 pieces 1,650
Piment & zucchini marinated terrine with thyme 980 1,960
Fresh Vegetables Provence style Bagne-Cauda 950 1,900
Home made chicken liver pate 900 1,800
Nice Style salad (tomato, egg, anchovy, artichoke, capsicum, green salad, olive, tuna)  860 1,720
Chicory salad with bacon crispy crouton and poached egg       800 1,600
Houmous with Tahin "Petit Tonneau Style" 760 1,520

 Hot Starters and Soup Tapas  Large 
Fresh foie gras sautéed with turnip 1,480 2,960
Escargots with parsley and garlic butter les 6 1,450 les 12 2,900
Mixed vegetables and sausage in casserole with herbs and salty butter 1,350 2,700
Marinière style mussels with white wine and cream  1,320 2,640
Provençale pie with tomato and anchovy


Flammekueche Traditional Alsatian bacon, onion & cream pie 950 1,900
Chick-peas spicy Falafel with yogurt sauce  880 1,760
Onion gratin soup “Petit Tonneau”  850 1,700
Today's soup 800 1,600
Pasta or Risotto of the day    800 1,600

Fish Tapas  Large  
Brick of roasted and smoked salmon served with green peas & beans     1,600 3,200
Fishes stock bouillabaisse served in the pot      1,680 3,360
Lobster risotto gratin with mushroom        1,680 3,360
Ramen with Marseille fish stock       1,150 2,300
Fresh tuna and bacon brochette with rosmary flavored tomato purée  1,460 2,920
Fish of the day        1,460 2,960

Meat Tapas  Large 
Braised beef cheek in red wine served with carrots & cumin   1,780 3,560
Traditional lamb Navarin with coco beans 1,480 2,960
Duck leg Confit served with sautéed garlic potatoes  1,480 2,960
TAJINE of Oriental style lemon flavoured chicken and olives 1,450 2,900
Toulouse style sausage served with home made mashed potatoes 1,350 2,700
Sauteed Japanese beef filet with foie gras and sauteed vegetables 50g 2,500

Beef bavette with shallots and French fries (choice of sauce; red wine, blue cheese, japanese)

100g 1,860
Classic bistrot steak frites with green salad
200g  2,300
"The Butcher Plate" beef fillet- Flank-Sirloin steak 200g  3,760

Desserts and Cheese    
Cheese Platter "Petit Tonneau"    From    1,050
Thin apple pie with vanilla ice cream        1,050
Hot chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream      1,050
Chocolate mousse        650
Caramel pudding          650
Crème brûlée    650
Peach Melba         650
Pear Belle-Helene          650
Home made ice cream and sherbe         650
Dessert of the day         1,050

* Cover charge of ¥250 per person. 
* All prices include sales tax and service charge.
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