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Lunch Menu
Served from 11:30 to 14:30

Express Lunch ¥1,080
menu lunch 1050
(Served with small appetizer,bred and coffee or tea)

AI. Today's Spaghetti
AII. Today's Short Pasta
B. Today's Rizotto

Today's Lunch ¥1,900
menu lunch 1600a   menu lunch 1600b
Served with small appetizer glass of wine bred and coffee or tea

C. Today's Fish
D. Today's Meat
E. Steak with French Fries
F. Today's Salad

Petit Tonneau Lunch ¥2,600
menu lunch 2100   
(Served with a glass of wine bred and coffee or tea)

One starter
Choice of main dish
(A, B, C, D ,E or F)
One dessert

* All prices include sales tax and service charge.
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